BSB Contact Center Lunch & Learn & Webinar
Once again BSB is proud to be a sponsor for the Annual Convention
Are You Ready for E911?
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How to Modernize your Old Technology Infrastructure
BSB Buzz: Meet Mike Scully
May 2019
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BSB Communications has been providing telecommunications services for 34 years. Check out our video to see how we Focus on discovering the right solution for your business by leveraging our Expertise, to provide you with the best Results in the latest technology.
BSB Contact Center Lunch & Learn & Webinar
Along with our Partner Mitel, we will be hosting a Contact Center Lunch and Learn at our Sterling Heights headquarters on Wednesday, June 5th, from 11 AM -1 PM. For those of you who will not be able to attend in person, we will hold our 1st Mitel Contact Center User Group Webinar, hosted by BSB and Mitel’s Contact Center Specialist Lou Gallagher & Kim Roper
Learn what's new on version 9.2. and New Updates
  The benefits of Omnichannel over Multi-Channel, a mistake most companies are making
  Learn how Google AI capabilities will improve customer interactions
  New world consumer interaction and building the “Amazon Experience.”
  Built-in Ignite assist
  Get a sneak peek of the Mitel Road Map
  Mitel Contact Center Specialist Lou Gallagher will be here discussing digital transformation and success stories
  There will also be an open forum for Q&A
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Once again, BSB is proud to be a sponsor for the Annual Convention & Exposition for the Michigan-Area Credit Unions. Drop by booth 34 to meet some of the BSB Team.
  Do your agents need multiple screens open, to interact with your customer's?
  Do you have difficulty integrating your CRM?
  How hard is it to authenticate your users?
Stop by booth 34 and learn how BSB and Mitel resolved these issues, and more.

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register for our Lunch and Learn webinar on June 5th to learn how  BSB and Mitel have become the leaders in Call Centers and improving the customer experience
Are You Ready for E911?
Enhanced E911 Legislation Deadline December 31st, 2019
Residents of Michigan have depended on reaching local emergency services by dialing 911 for decades. Today, the advancement of technology allows for “E911” or “Enhanced 911,” which means that when 911 is dialed, the calling party’s callback number and location information are delivered to the geographically appropriate Public Safety Answering Point. The delivery of caller-location information to the PSAP dispatch screen is the feature that sets E911 apart from basic 911.
So will this apply to you?
R 484.903 Multiline Telephone System [MLTS] Owner/Operator Responsibilities
  - System must be capable of routing 9-1-1 calls to the 9-1-1 network, and answered by a primary PSAP, in a manner that the calls result in accurate ALI and ANI that can be verified in the 9-1-1 location database and must include the specific location of the communications device.
  - If your building is over 7,000 square feet, the MLTS operator shall identify the specific location of each communications device including:
Street Address
Building Floor
Unique Building Identifier
  - Must have 24-hour accessibility from devices
  - MLTS operators in violation of the act after December 31, 2019, may be assessed a fine by the commission from $500.00 to $5,000.00 per offense.
Are You Ready for E911? Still not sure? Let us help you (Contact Us)


Under Michigan law, the provision of an Emergency Response Location (ERL) for every telephone capable of dialing 911 on a multi-line telephone system is required by December 31, 2019. Make sure you are ready. Contact Us
Don’t Miss our 2019 TECHTOBER EXPO!
Don’t miss out on the hottest Technology Expo of the year! Meet several of our Strategic Partners, like Phybridge, who help companies with outdated Infrastructure deploy the latest Mitel IP Voice solutions through their Streamline products. To learn more about Phybridge, check out the next article below.

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How to Modernize Your Old Technology Infrastructure
One of BSB’s long-term Strategic Partners, Phybridge, specializes in modernizing network platforms to support IP endpoints. Relying on NVT Phybridge switches, these organizations can optimize their LAN upgrades for convergence with the proven ability to deliver highly-secure environments.
  Simple, secure and cost-effective upgrade from TDM-to-IP
  Overcome physical barriers and limitations by leveraging new or existing infrastructure
  Extend network reach to support Mitel IP phones 4 times farther than standard switches
  Connect endpoints across the entire organization back to the Cloud
  Simple and fast installation to eliminate business disruption
  Accelerate the customer’s ROI with significantly decreased deployment times
Learn how BSB and Phybridge partnered to provide an IP solution for an organization that had outdated switches, firmware, and infrastructure. Click here for the Case Study

It’s your turn! Let us help you take full advantage of modern LAN principles, save money, eliminate risk, and simplify IP modernization requirements. Click Here
BSB Buzz: Meet Mike Scully
  Mike Scully is one of our Customer Advocates. Mike works out of our Port Huron office. He has been a valuable member of the BSB sales and customer support team since May of 2007.
Mike has a beautiful wife, Michelle, who he has been married to for 12 years. He has 3 children who are living in California, Nevada and New Mexico. He also has 2 stepchildren and a grandbaby who is also living in California.  Mike loves the outdoors; he is an avid cyclist, enjoys hiking, traveling, photography, and music.