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Why Move to the Cloud

MiVoice Office 250 R6.3 SP3 and MiVoice Office Application Suite R5.2 Update

Spotty or failing Wi-Fi ? BSB is here to help!
June 2019
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BSB Communications has been providing telecommunications services for 34 years. Check out our video to see how we Focus on discovering the right solution for your business by leveraging our Expertise, to provide you with the best Results in the latest technology.
Don’t Foget to Register 5th Annual TECHTOBER EXPO!
Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our 5th annual Techtober Expo featuring the latest trends in technology for 2020 and a Sneak Peek of Mitel’s Roadmap

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Why Move to the Cloud
One of the products we will be highlighting at this year’s Techtober Expo will be the various Cloud Solutions that BSB/Mitel offers. MiCloud Connect is a complete Cloud Business Communications Service that delivers seamless voice, collaboration and contact center solutions from a single provider. By combining intuitive user experience and flexible service plans with Google Cloud's proven reliability, MiCloud Connect makes every aspect of Cloud Communications and Collaboration simple and secure.
To learn how migrating to the Cloud can improve your business, check out our short video.
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We want to thank everyone who stopped by the BSB booth during the 2019 MCUL/CUSG Annual Convention and Exposition. There was a lot interest in learning more about BSB and Mitel’s Call/Contact Center portfolio that delivers everything your business needs to transform member/customer journeys into omnichannel experiences. Those experiences empower member/customers to engage with you on their terms while optimizing your workforce.
More businesses are recognizing that while a member/customer journey may begin on one channel of communication, like chat, valuable insight and feedback from the customer is taking place on a completely different channel of communication, like social media channels.

Unifying member/customer communications across all channels gives businesses better context for their members/customers, helps resolve issues more quickly and helps sales agents identify better opportunities for future sales. To find out more or to have a personal demo click here
Software Assurance Corner

MiVoice Office 250 R6.3 SP3 and MiVoice Office Application Suite R5.2 Update
MiVoice Office 250 R6.3 SP3 and MiVoice Office Application Suite R5.2 update summary: this solution update provides improvements to the operation of the Mitel 6900 series IP phones on MiVoice Office 250 along with some minor updates on the Apps Suite. Additionally, this bulletin communicates details on the final lifecycle transition from the PS1 hardware to the virtual solution.

MiVoice Office 250 R6.3 SP3 software and Application Suite 5.2 software is immediately available. It provides users with bug fixes and an improved user experience with the Mitel 6900 IP phones. These software updates are available to customers who have active Software Assurance.

Mitel 6900 IP Phone Operation Improvement
  Station Monitor initiated from 6900 IP phone
  Contact Directory Access for 6900 IP phone
  User Based Call History for 6900 IP phone
Application Suite
  FireTV integration
  Kuando Busylight Support
Bug fixes
The new maintenance software includes various bug fixes and security update.

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Spotty or failing Wi-Fi ? BSB is here to help!
As people and organizations come to rely more and more heavily on Wi-Fi networks, the impact of their failure becomes increasingly significant. The risk of failure impacts a variety of industries, including Retail, Healthcare, Warehouse/Manufacturing and Government.

It’s tempting to just put up Access Points (APs) and hope your network will perform “well enough.” Back in the day when wireless networks were simply nice to have, this worked well enough. But today, Wi-Fi is critical and too high-stakes for the well-enough approach. Your network must be reliable, and it has to keep up with the demands of modern applications like voice-over IP and video streaming.

Deploying and maintaining wireless networks presents many challenges beyond those of traditional wired networks. Because of the unpredictable and invisible nature of wireless, visual, professional tools are needed to achieve high performance. In order to support the business requirements of the organization, several important factors need to be considered.
  Wi-Fi is invisible: it is hard to make a clear picture of how far your network will reach and how it will work in different locations
  Wireless is fluctuating and unpredictable: whereas wired networks can be said to operate in a predictable way over a long period of time, wireless connections may work differently at any given time, depending on the conditions
  Wireless is ubiquitous: whereas a wired ethernet only has a certain number of connection points, wireless access points can host numerous simultaneous connections, offering connectivity over great distances
  Capacity planning is fairly straightforward in wired networks . However, wireless is a shared medium where the overall capacity is shared by multiple users at any given time.
As part of BSB’s Managed Services Program (MSP), whether you are in the planning, deployment, verification, or troubleshooting phase, BSB will assess the above concerns and provide:
  Automated Network Planning: automatically determine the optimal the number and locations for your access points prior to physical deployment
  Verification: perform active and passive indoor and GPS assisted outdoor site surveys to verify coverage and performance
  Analysis and Optimization: visualize network coverage, capacity, and performance, fine tune them, and simulate changes in the network or environment
  Troubleshooting: solve various Wi-Fi issues
  Reporting: generate reports of Wi-Fi coverage and performance
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