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The Threat of Your Car Being Hacked is Becoming Increasingly Relevant
In response to the increasing danger of cyber attacks against computerized cars that are currently in production, Volkswagen has partnered up with three Israeli experts in cybersecurity to form a brand new cybersecurity company dedicated to designing solutions
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Credit Card Companies Turn to Selfies to Prevent $118 Billion Worth of False Declines
Though it’s still a somewhat new concept, payment via mobile device is gaining in popularity. The latest smartphones make it easier than ever to pay bills or send money whenever needed. Yet, this also presents an interesting conundrum.
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Department of Education Forming New, Mobile-Friendly IT Infrastructure Plan
More organizations are revamping their traditional IT infrastructure to favor new technology that allows for greater mobility. Not to be outdone, even major government departments are making this move, like the U.S. Department of Education.
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4 Ways Stress Can Be Good (and Bad) for Your Business
Stress is one of those things that you can’t escape, no matter how hard you try, and it can takes a toll on your workday. Despite this, there are (surprisingly) some redeeming factors to stress to be considered. When talking about stress, there’s one important detail that cannot be overlooked: stress created
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FBI Director Insists Government Can Access Any Private Record
Does the U.S. Constitution allow the American government to access the electronic devices of its citizens? According to FBI Director James Comey’s statements at Symantec’s Annual Government Symposium, it certainly does. This situation was birthed from the tussle between Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation
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How Virtual Reality May Make Walking a Reality for These Paralyzed Patients
Virtual reality is quickly becoming a smash hit with many industries, but one of the most incredible and unexplainable phenomenons has to do with VR’s use in the medical sector. While it’s been thought that VR can be used to help paraplegic patients to walk
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