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5 Disaster Recovery Tips
To Keep Your Company
From Playing Reindeer
Games This Winter

Winter is upon us. Cold days and colder
nights. Fortunately, the temperature is
the least of our worries for our
businesses and we can always find a
snug winter coat to keep us warm...
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How To Spot A Holiday Phishing Scam
Phishing scams are always more prevalent around the holidays. With all the holiday e-mails from vendors and friends, it is a wonder that we all aren't infected this time of year...
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Keep An Elf On The Shelf!
How does Santa know if you’ve been
good or bad? Does he call or text your mom or dad? Is he watching you both
day and night? Does he follow close to
not let you out of sight? No, Santa has help to keep an eye on you...
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3 Reasons To Upgrade Or Replace A Computer
Granted, upgrading or replacing your office computers is probably not on your Christmas list. However, here are a few considerations to keep in mind if you’re having issues with your workstations...
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Inquiring Minds...
With the volume of retail sites online and shoppers purchasing on their lunch hour, businesses may see an increase in virus
attacks during the holiday season.
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That’s it for this month. Remember, if you need help in implementing
any of this month’s tips, contact us - we’re here to help.

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