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Don’t Leave Gaps In
Network Security...

Global security strategist Fortinet
says that in 2016 they saw about
half a million cyber-attack attempts
per minute. Some are famous;...
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Arbor Day
Arbor Day is just around the corner on Friday, April 28th. Find out how this great celebratory day began and what you can do to join in the fun...
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Fruitless News
There is a lot of fake news going
around on Facebook, at least that’s
what some commentators say,
and the fake stuff is too
often believed...
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Feeling Sticky? How To Properly Care For Your Laptop Keyboard And Touch Pad
Many laptops come with touch pads these days. They are much more convenient than fighting with your mouse at Starbucks...
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What’s The Difference
Between Water-Resistant
And Waterproof

I hate it when I am pulling paperwork
off my desk in a rush for the next
meeting and, “Oh no!” there goes
my coffee A flood of thoughts run
through my mind,...
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Inquiring Minds...
Coming Soon! Smartphone’s With Iris Scanners. In the next few years every smartphone will house a combination of fingerprint scanners and iris scanners....
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Money Doesn’t Grow
On Trees!

Tired of throwing money at your
computer problems? Sick of being
nickel and dimed for tech work?
Feel like there is no end to the to-do
list on your network?...
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Laugh A Little
Did you hear the one about Arbor Day?
It’ll leaf you laughing.
What’s a tree’s least favorite month?
What did Luke Skywalker say to the tree on Arbor Day?
“May the Forest be with you.”
What is a tree’s favorite drink?
Root Beer
Why was the tree drooling?
It was a dogwood tree.
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