Did you know you can find answers to your questions by using Assist Me?

Here's a few tips on working with Assist Me.

  • First, make sure you meet with your Consultant to review the best way to add contacts, start email drip campaigns or configure setup or CRM settings before clicking on any related tutorials. To read more about tasks your Consultant should review with you, click here.
  • Second, see if you can complete our basic Onboarding tasks. Access Onboarding tasks by clicking on the Onboarding tab in the Assist Me window.

If you completely finish an Onboarding task, you will see the Completed percentage increase!

This means you accomplished an important milestone in understanding your account.

Third, try searching for different tasks such as:

  • "Turning on Notifications"
  • "Posting to Social Media"
  • "Editing a contact"

We hope you enjoy these new features. If you have any questions please email our team at support@mindmatrix.net or visit our Help Desk to submit a ticket.


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