A note from CEO Chuck Brown

Dear Friend,

Please accept our apology. We claim to be partners and family, and we have not been acting like it lately. We haven't spoken with you for far too long, and we've missed you. With your permission, we'd like to change that.

We've put a new system in place to keep in touch with you in the ways that you want us to.

The newsletter below is what we'll be sending out monthly to keep you
informed of ways to protect and improve your business, to let you know
what's happening with us, and to shine a light on amazing extended
members of the Infinity family (like you). We'll also include a helpful
tip or two to increase productivity and make your life a little easier.

We hope you like it, and we hope you'll keep us on track by letting us
know what you want to see more (or less) of. We really mean it when we
say we are partners, and if you can't get honest feedback from family...

All the best,
News You Can Use
Although it may feel like the end of summer with our kids back in school, it's still Hurricane Season here in the Low Country. And while the majority of us have an emergency plan for our home and family (if not, visit CEMA's Preparedness page for a wealth of info), sometimes we forget to consider the business.
But with the cost of downtime averaging $100,000 per SINGLE HOUR,* continuity should be every business's priority. Learn how to get started.
Make My Plan
* Downtime cost source: Rand Group
Inside Infinity
New Office Referral Program Tech Talk
Thanks again to all who joined us for the ribbon-cutting celebration in June.
If you couldn't make it, you're still welcome! Click
on the image to view
photos, and give us a call if you'd like to come by for a tour.
We've been updating our website, and now we have
an easy-to-use Referral form. Fill it out today if you know someone who could benefit from our "Fanatical Customer Service."
We recently had the
pleasure of speaking at a NAWIC luncheon along with our friend Scott Scheidt of Armstrong's Center for Applied Cyber Education. If you'd like us to join your event, please let us know!
New Feature on Ticket close-outs:
Now when you include a comment with your (hopefully positive) rating, you can check the box allowing us to use your name. You don't have to, of course, but when you take the time to send us that feedback, we'd like to give you credit for it. And soon you could see your name on our website! Either way, your comments are gold to us. Keep 'em coming!
Community & Partner Spotlight
Telfair Museums

Internationally known cultural institution and home of the Bird Girl.

> Visit Telfair
Eichholz Law Firm

The Justice Lawyers dedicated to helping personal injury victims in Georgia.

> Visit Eichholz
Interested in seeing your company or event in the Spotlight? Talk to us!
Tech Tip:

This one's for Office 365 users. If you're tired of getting 50 separate emails congratulating a coworker on the adoption of their 17th chihuahua, you can tell O365 to silence the replies.

Learn how to turn on "Ignore" here (number 2 in the list).
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