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In case you missed it, the City of Savannah was recently hit by a malware attack that they suspect was the result of email phishing.

While we hate to hear this kind of news, we know their IT department is working hard to minimize its impact. (Our CEO started his career in that IT department.) What is critical is that we all accept the fact that these attacks are happening everywhere, even here. Download a step-by-step guide to conduct your own security risk assessment.

Please remember to think before you click, and if you know someone with a business who does not have their own IT department, please help them get the information and protection they need. Better yet, refer them to us and we'll be happy to talk with them about their needs. You could end up helping them and putting up to $500 in your pocket.

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Accept the challenge with us!
We're collecting books for the SCCPSS Million Book Challenge until Feb. 28th. Drop some off if you're in the area, and we'll bring them in for you.
What we're Reading:
'God is an Onion' - The entertaining and informative story of a security researcher, his responsibility to ethical disclosure, and the importance of complying with security standards... "Pope or not."
What's in a Name?
Quite a bit actually. The right name for something tells you what it is or what it can do, making communication easier and saving time. We've updated the name of our "Help Desk" and the names of our professionals' roles, and the reasons why might inspire you to reconsider some of your own.
Community & Partner Spotlight
Coastal Center for Developmental Services

Speaking of name changes...get ready to meet EmployAbility! Celebrate this new phase in our dear friends' lives at a FREE event on Feb. 28th.

nterested in seeing your company or event in the Spotlight? Let us know!

Tech Tip: Using the Split view in Excel

Most people are familiar with 'Freeze Panes' to keep certain cells in place at the top or left of a spreadsheet. When you have a lot of data and need more flexibility in your views, you can use the Split option.

Simply click on a cell anywhere in the sheet, go to View in the Ribbon, and click the Split button. From there you have 4 windows, and you can scroll in each one--nothing is frozen. You can also click on the bar splitting the windows and move it vertically or horizontally to adjust the size of the windows. For more details and 6 other Excel tips, click here.

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