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Dear Friend,

Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to recognizing and avoiding phishing scams. As we roll into Q2, let's make education and training a priority. Learn the various approaches data thieves use, and arm yourself with these useful tips to outsmart them.

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How a Woman from the 1800s
Inside Infinity
Hit the Books
In a session that resulted in these beautifully smiling faces, I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Computer Science students at Windsor Forest High School. Click the link or image to see if you agree with the advice I gave.

Plus, find out how our Million Book Challenge turned out here.
Rock the Vote
Thank you, friends! We won't know how the Savannah Morning News Best of the Best competition turns out for a few more weeks, but until then...

Vote for us and your other favorites in Connect Savannah's Best of Savannah competition! We know you don't work here with us, so we came up with the Top 5 reasons for non-employees to write Infinity, Inc. in for Best Place to Work.

And it's also time for Savannah Magazine voting! Write us in at category 119 as Best Company to Work For when you submit your votes toward the grand prize package.

Maybe next year we'll finally have a Best IT Services and Support Team category in these competitions.
Community & Partner Spotlight
Bahama Joe's

Welcome to the neighborhood! Bahama Joe's has a beautiful new facility down the street. With lots of parking and convenient access from Chatham Parkway and Highway 80, everyone should come see it and help celebrate their success!

nterested in seeing your company or event in the Spotlight? Let us know!

Tech Tip: Silence those annoying ads

If you use Chrome as your browser, you can tell it to mute a website with a simple right-click.

First, make sure you have version 64 or later. Chrome has already started filtering out ads that don't comply with Better Ads Standards, but you can also right-click on the tab and select "Mute site" so nothing auto-plays. For screenshots and more information, click here. And enjoy the sounds of silence.

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