We are reaching out to you because your Mindmatrix account has been updated with new fields to help you track consent from any contacts who may be covered by GDPR.

In case you missed it, the European Union GDPR compliance regulations go into effect on May 25th, 2018!

This means that you are responsible for updating any contacts who are from affected by GDPR regulations. (To find out more about this visit the EU’s GDPR website here.)

What do you need to do?

  1. Download contact templates at this link. These updated templates contain optional fields you can use to share whether or not a client is affected by GDPR and whether or not you have captured their consent to email them.
  2. Review your contact lists and make sure you have no GDPR affected contacts.
  3. Update your lists using the contact templates and import these into your Mindmatrix account.

You are responsible for providing any updated details on contacts you believe need to be updated, so please make sure you review your lists carefully.

If you are uncertain if your contacts are affected by GDPR, we have added an email template to your account named “Capture consent from contacts”. You can send this to your contact lists to capture their consent/origin if you are uncertain.

Email support@mindmatrix.net if you have any trouble using this email template.

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