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Phishing scams are everywhere these days. More people seem to be aware of them, but they're also getting harder to spot. To help keep you informed and protected, we've created a 3-part series that breaks down exactly what phishing is, how to spot the sketchy elements, and best practices for you and your network to click with confidence. Dive into Part 1 from the button or banner image.
Phishing 101
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Pros, Cons of Multiple Monitors
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Botched Coca-Cola Heist
Inside Infinity
This year's Bytes for Bites competition is almost at an end! We've been competing against other tech companies in Savannah to collect the most food and money for America's Second Harvest, and we could use your help to get to the Finish Line.

More than 1 in 4 children in Georgia live in food-insecure homes, not knowing where their next meal is coming from. And things only get worse in the summertime when access to free or reduced school meals are no longer available. But donating just $1 can put nearly $9 worth of groceries out into our community.

Join us, and together we can take a "byte" out of hunger.
Community & Partner Spotlight
A private medical practice specializing in the care and treatment of patients with kidney disease and hypertension, 'The Kidney Docs' dedicate themselves to improving their clients' quality of life.

We'd like to give them a special Thank You for turning their staff training day into a canned food drive for our Bytes for Bites competition. We're so much stronger together and wouldn't be anywhere without friends like you, thank you!

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💡 Tech Tip: Power up your Password Protection, Part II

In 2016 alone, more than 3.1 billion user records, including passwords, were leaked online, millions of which ended up for sale on the dark web. If you didn’t know it already, you do now: It’s time to step up your password game.

How? Adopt a personal passphrase.
Think of a movie line or slogan. Shorten it into the first letter of each word, and mix in some numbers and symbols. For example, MITGOGAE could be from Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil. Then change the I to an exclamation point and the O to zero: M!TG0GAE. Easy to remember but tough to crack.
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