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The most heavily defended castle can't be protected from invaders when a guard opens the drawbridge from the inside.
The same applies to your business.
But with the right education, your employees can become your strongest layer of protection. Read the final part of our 3-part series on phishing scams for ways to help your staff help keep your network safe.
Phishing, Part 3:
Fixing Your Weakest Link
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3 Tips for Traveling Wisely with WiFi
5 Reasons to Take a Lunch Break Every Day
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Inside Infinity
This exclusive photo (click for full-sized silliness) shows some of the team celebrating free pizza brought by our local radio station. The guys were especially excited because they had donated what would have been spent on lunch to the Bytes for Bites competition. We challenged other tech companies in Savannah and across the state to collect the most food and money for America's Second Harvest, and we'd just like to say Thank You again to Nephrology & Hypertension Medical Associates and each of you who helped us support such a great cause. We may not have won the competition, but we feel like winners for contributing to an organization that does so much in our community.
Community & Partner Spotlight
"The" business connection resource for Savannah, the Chamber is our business community’s voice for public policy, advocacy and government, working to grow the region economically and create an environment conducive to job growth. Join them (and us) at this year's Expo.

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💡 Tech Tip: Power up your Password Protection, Part III

Your password is a hacker's key to your entire network. So make it as tough to crack as possible.

How? Keep Numbers/Symbols Separate.
When creating a password, it can be tempting to simply choose a word or phrase and tack a number or two on the end. This makes it easier for hacking programs to break, however. Instead, insert numbers and symbols in between the letters so it's harder to figure out. It may look funny, but if it keeps your information safer, it's worth it.

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