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Launched in 2004 by the National Cyber Security Alliance and the Dept. of Homeland Security, October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.
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Ever wonder how cyber criminals choose their targets? This common characteristic could make you the next victim of a cyber crime attack.

It's not all doom and gloom though. Your own Projects Engineer, Rachel, walks through what makes us all so susceptible to cyber crime and then how we can fix it.

Trait Exploited by Cyber Crime
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How to Email like a CEO
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Inside Infinity
Infinity, Inc. Awarded Small Business of the Year
Image property of Savannah Morning News

They say friends should lift you up. Well, we clearly have some pretty great friends. Atlanta-based goBeyond Profit shows that it's not just lip service when they say they 'celebrate Georgia businesses that care.' They heard about our big Chamber award win last month and have been putting the news out as if it's their own. See it here.

At this time of year when the holidays are approaching, giving back moves to the front of our minds. As it should. But goBeyond Profit seeks to make that thought more than seasonal. If your company shares that feeling, we encourage you to make the pledge.
Community & Partner Spotlight
Home of the dog-bone-shaped pool, Innovative Veterinary Medicine has been "innovating the art of veterinary medicine" since 2006. You may not know about the pool if you're a house call customer (yes, they do those), but within their state-of-the-art facility or out, their goal is to provide unparalleled care.

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💡 Tech Tip: Set up Multiple Virtual Desktops

Studies show a cluttered environment can lead to unfocused thinking. So if you have multiple roles at work or simply want to separate work and personal info on your desktop, you can set up multiple virtual desktops on Windows computers (as you may have seen Thomas demonstrate on WSAV's Coastal Experts).

Bring your mouse to the Task Bar and click on the Task View button. Then click on the "+" sign to create a new virtual desktop. It's that easy.
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