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Why is it that some companies seem to have advocates while others just have employees? What would it take to turn your staff into your company's biggest cheerleaders?

If you've ever wondered this, then this article is for you. We've got 7 steps for building employee engagement that cost nothing but thoughtfulness and effort. Make your last to-do of 2018 be committing to build a better company in 2019.

Building Employee Engagement
Looking for something different? Read our engineer's take on the future of the Internet and what 5G will mean for you and your business.
The Future of the Internet
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Inside Infinity
Are all the best memories built around food?

It sure seems like it sometimes. In the photos above, we're about to enjoy a delectable holiday meal at Prohibition [left] and digging into the variety of atypical dishes brought in for our un-Thanksgiving feast (no turkey or taters allowed [right]).

So for this holiday season, we'd like to help you make some delicious new memories. These are 3 of our favorite desserts from the Bosses Birthday Bakeoff. Click an image to view its recipe.

Apple Blueberry Crunch

Twix Cheesecake

Death by Chocolate III

David says he cut the sugar
by 1/3, and we never would
have guessed. Served with

vanilla ice cream.

Chuck made this one so

good we didn't get any

individual slice photos.

It was gone that fast!

Brownies, pudding, whipped

cream, AND toffee?
What a way to go...

In addition to all the eating, we've brought in some great new team members you'll hear more about soon and launched a YouTube channel that you can subscribe to. And in case you've forgotten about our countdown, we can't wait to start our 20th year in business in January!

But for now, from all of us on your Infinity, Inc. team,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Community & Partner Spotlight
Each of us has the right to live out our journey with grace and dignity, free from pain. So believes nonprofit Hospice of the Golden Isles, the caring experts in 5 counties of Southeast Georgia and a wonderful group of people. Get the best care when it matters most from these compassionate professionals.

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💡 Tech Tip: Control YouTube with your Keyboard

In celebration of our new YouTube channel, this month's tip puts video controls at your fingertips. Think of letters J, K, L, and M on your keyboard as controls like your arrow keys. K (in the middle) will pause, J jumps back 10 seconds, and L jumps forward 10 seconds. M is for mute.

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