A new feedback tool is coming soon.
Dear Friend, 

We obsess about our level of service to you. Providing you with
good service isn’t good enough for us. We want to be the best partner you have, period.  

Granted, this isn’t an easy undertaking. As you know, even the best relationships can be undermined by poor communications or improperly managed expectations. To capture a real-time temperature of our relationship, we will be instituting a new quick-and-easy feedback tool called Bizratings on February 1, 2019.

Bizratings measures simple 1-click feedback after every service ticket. Our team will be monitoring your responses real-time to learn from and duplicate our wins or, in the alternative, respond immediately to issues that need further attention.

What’s the catch? There is none. It’s easy and automated and completed
with a few clicks. If you’ve ever submitted a Support ticket before, then you’re
already familiar with Smileback—the 3 faces you use to indicate how the ticket was handled. We know you’re more complex than that though. So we’re changing to Bizratings.

What will be different?
  • For one thing, feedback requests after tickets are completed will come from Bizratings. They will no longer be in the Support ticket like they are now. 
  • For another, you will now be able to choose from a scale of 1-10, not just happy, neutral, or sad. It’s still a simple click on a smiley face, and you will have the option to write comments—which we love so please do—but now you can choose anywhere from 1 (horrible) to 10 (exceptional). We’re always aiming to provide exceptional service, but it’s helpful to know when we don’t. Your comments give us feedback we can use to improve for you.
  • With this new system, you can also rate the specific engineers who worked on the ticket. Depending on how complex an issue is, you may have 4 different people working on it. But you may only deal with one of them. So now you can choose whether or not to give individual team members a specific rating.
  • This new system also allows you to click and post your feedback as a Google review. You don’t have to by any means. But if you want to rave about us publicly and help others find out about us, you’ll be able to with one simple extra step.
The whole process can still take as little as 1 second, and the result will be instant feedback between us to make sure we are keeping you happy and avoiding blindspots. Please spread the word among your company to start expecting these feedback emails when tickets are resolved as of February 1st, and rate us as often as possible.

We want honest feedback: the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We hope this makes it easier and more meaningful for you. Our goal is a 100% response rate.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you!
All my best,
Chuck Brown
Infinity, Inc. CEO


10 Chatham Center S Dr, Suite 300, Savannah, GA, 31405