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It's 11 o'clock at night, and you're at home but still working. You suddenly have a thought. I wonder if... You don't want to bother your staff at this hour, but you're curious to see if your idea has merit.

Well, you don't have to wake up your colleagues to find out. Or wait on them to get back to you in a couple of days. Or spend money on a consultant.

If you can access the data you need to look at, these 5 tools for analyzing data in Excel can help you get some quick insights before wasting valuable time and resources.
Data Analysis Tips
for the Busy Business Owner
Looking for something different?
"When someone invites you to try wearable technology that can lower your
stress level in 30 seconds -- and pair it with a personal brain scan -- you
say, 'Yes.'"
Read or watch the video of a TouchPoints demo from CES 2019. These stress-relieving wearables are currently available for kids, for sleep, and for calming. 

* Please note this is not an endorsement. We have not used this product and would not recommend anyone do so without speaking to a medical professional. We simply find the application of this technology to be noteworthy and thought-provoking.
Stress and Technology
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Inside Infinity
As we continue celebrating our 20th anniversary year, we're also looking ahead to 2020. The Windows 7 operating system is facing its end of life in January 2020, and we're encouraging everyone to make plans for handling it right now. 

You may be completely unaffected if you only have newer machines on your network. But if you're not sure, it's a good idea to check. 

We'd also like to congratulate our January winner, Thomas, and our February winner, Sue! Together, they earned prizes worth more than $75, and there's still more to come! Follow our Facebook page to hear about and participate in the next anniversary contest. 
Did You Know?

We can provide employee cyber security awareness training.

Phishing attacks cost businesses half a billion dollars a year.
How is that possible? Put simply, it doesn't cost much to send out massive amounts of messages, and bad actors are becoming more sophisticated in their approaches. The only true prevention is awareness, and we can help your staff learn to protect themselves better. Call or email for info. 
Community & Partner Spotlight
Do you love your CPA? So many people dread looking at their finances that tax time can feel like torture. But it doesn't have to with professionals like McLain, Calhoun, McCullough, Clark, and Co., based in Vidalia. With services for individuals and for businesses, this team will handle your finances with their patented blend of personal service and expertise.

nterested in seeing your company or event in the Spotlight? Let us know!

💡 Tech Tip: Keyboard shortcuts to Give your Mouse a Rest

If you spend way too much time clicking and scrolling, it can feel good to switch things up sometimes. So here are 4 keyboard shortcuts for navigating faster.

1. When browsing a page on the Internet, hit the Spacebar to jump down a page.
2. Hold Shift with the Spacebar to go back up a page.
3. In Excel, hold CTRL with the Spacebar to select an entire column.
4. In Excel, hold Shift and the Spacebar to select an entire row. 

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