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Aside from employees, one of the bigger costs in a business can be the software needed to run it. Different departments have different needs, and new tools can be introduced based on personal preferences and personnel changes. 

Everyone may use some of the same things, such as company email, but HR and Finance often need programs that don't work for Customer Service. And Operations may have different tools than Sales and Marketing. 
So when there are ways to eliminate third-party extras that require integration tools and extra fees or licensing, we get interested. And we want to make sure you know about them.
Learn about the
Untapped Power of Teams
Do you remember The Jetsons? Can you still hear the theme song in your head and the space-y burbling sound of their flying vehicles?

Well, the sounds may not be the same, but this article shares 10 flying taxis and cars currently in development. See what future generations could be "driving" our lifetime.

10 Flying Taxis and Cars
Currently in Development

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Inside Infinity
Look at this darling! 
This gorgeous girl is our own Daniel's baby, Zora. And we know she's not going hungry since she's clearly put herself in a little food coma here. (Thanks for sharing this precious moment with us, Daniel!) 

The sad reality though is that 1 in 5 children in Georgia DO experience hunger and wonder where, or even if, the next meal will come. 

That's why we're accepting the Bytes for Bites challenge again. It's June 10-21, and we'll be reaching out to you with more information as it gets closer. To gear up this year, we've already issued the challenge to our colleagues on Facebook because together we can take a "byte" out of hunger. 


We also hope you'll join us at the Chamber's Business Awards Banquet next month. It's hard to believe it's been 9 months since we received the honor of the Small Business of the Year Award


Please encourage all eligible high school grads to submit their scholarship application before the May 31st deadline, and be sure to look around the website when you visit. We've reorganized a bit and would love to hear what you think. Honestly - shoot over a reply; I'll read it.


And for a bit of fun (and prizes), participate in the monthly contests on our Facebook page as we continue to celebrate our 20th anniversary year.

Did You Know?

Hurricane season in Georgia runs June 1-November 30. It's unavoidable, so the best protection is preparation. 

We can help you create or update your backup and disaster recovery plan. Knowing what to do, who will do it, and how to do it can remove a lot of unnecessary stress when disaster strikes.  
Community & Partner Spotlight
Sheet metal roofing and fabrication may not be your everyday need, but when it is, Delta Metals is your local source of excellence. This veteran owned small business has been providing high quality products and superior service for 60 years now, and is the largest sheet metal and roofing contractor in Southeast Georgia. So for all your duct system, commercial and industrial roofing, and related needs, give Delta Metals a call.

nterested in seeing your company or event in the Spotlight? Let me know!

💡 Tech Tip: Set Private Browsing as Default

If you're tired of giving free information about your interests and searching habits on the Internet, you can set your browsers to automatically open in "private" or "incognito" mode. 

* Keep in mind, this does not mean your data is not tracked online at all--it simply means it will not be stored on your device. Learn more here. *

For Google Chrome users:
1. Right-click on the Chrome icon (typically on your desktop).
2. Select Properties.
3. On the Shortcut tab, add "-incognito" to the end of the Target URL. 

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