Dear friend,

As a valued client and friend, I’d like to share 3 things
with you today. 

These announcements will not change your life, help you lose
weight, or suddenly make you a millionaire. Nonetheless, like the Top 3 Scams email I send on the first of every month to help keep you protected, it’s important to me and my team to keep you up-to-date. And with announcement #3, YOU could change someone else’s life.

Find further explanation and details on each of these below:

  1. Beginning Monday, June 10th, your Service Team is growing.
  2. After a long, intensive process, we have decided on our new logo.
  3. Bytes for Bites, the statewide food and fundraiser that locally benefits America’s Second Harvest, runs June 10-21.

Chuck Brown
CEO of Infinity, Inc.
To explain everything, I need to take you on a little journey. It's a lot to read, but I think it's necessary for you to understand why we're making these changes and what it means to you. And if you actually get through it all, let me know what you think. Your opinion is important to me. 

Service Team and Logo

We operate under 3 Core Values at Infinity, the second of which is to continually improve. So in early 2017, we broke our Service Team into the Blue Team and the Red Team and assigned you to one of them. 

The goal of that was to foster stronger personal relationships between you and your team. There was still some overlap when issues needed to be escalated to a certain engineer’s expertise, but in general, you came to know and expect the 5 or 6 techs on your team. And they got to know you.

Based on your feedback, this worked out exceptionally well. 

In your comments, you have literally responded with “Go Blue Team!” and “Shout out to Red Team!” Even “My Infinity team rocks!”

Your response was exactly what we hoped for. And now it’s time to move on to the next phase. 
A Brief History of Tech Services

As a company based on technology, our industry has seen dramatic changes over the past 20 years. I remember starting out, finding local business owners who needed software patches, hardware quotes, and computer projects to be completed. Companies didn’t have large, complicated networks, so the bulk of the work entailed setting up new users and fixing things when they broke. Hence the term, break-fix

As networks became popular for connecting employee computers and printers, servers for storing and sharing files, and multiple-location offices, technology support shifted. With more components and connections, it made more sense to manage a business’s technology. Hence the term, managed IT services

Depending on your managed services provider, or MSP, you could be allotted a certain number of service hours per month or your agreement could be totally inclusive. Whatever the contract terms, the service itself became more proactive and less reactive, or waiting for problems. Being proactive meant we, as a support service, could be more systematic and controlled in our approach, rather than running around putting out fires. It meant better efficiency for us and for our clients. 

But now that kids in grammar school can learn computer coding, and you can Google an answer to pretty much anything, the landscape has changed again. There isn’t one computer in the home for everyone to share any longer; there’s a computer and the entire Internet in the hand of every six-year-old with a smartphone. 

In fact, even Office Depot—where you used to order paper and pens, and now can order furniture, kitchen supplies, and printing services—has a managed services offering of sorts. It may not be up to our standards, but it is a type of network management. And we value our relationship with you too much to stay at that level. 

So we are evolving. 

Which is part of the reason we wanted to update our logo. 
Evolving to Serve You Better 

For 20 years now, we have promised to give you our best, to follow Core Value #1 and do the right thing, always. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth it. It has helped us build our relationship with you and allowed you to be confident in trusting us.  

So now that we see other companies calling themselves MSPs, we want to show you the additional value that they can’t. It’s not about installing a new phone or computer. Almost anyone can do that now. It’s not even just about being proactive anymore. Instead, it’s about working diligently to prevent anything from interrupting your day and then focusing the full power of our expertise with technology to solve your business problems. 

What does that mean? 

Well, say you’re having trouble attracting new employees. That’s not a “tech” issue; it’s a business problem. But a better use of technology could solve it. 

Maybe your paper application process needs to be retired. A workflow with automated approval requests and reminders could streamline the process and get new people in faster. A unified communications system could offer the flexibility and engagement styles that make your company more attractive than another. And a documented training process can help ensure consistent results while minimizing the time necessary for other employees to be pulled away from their core responsibilities. 

It’s not about the tools or the technology. It’s about discussing your goals, creating a strategy, and then building the roadmap to get there. 

You may have even heard us mention part of this in the past year or two. It’s what we’ve been driving toward, and what we’re excited to dive into with you. Now, we have the approach and the processes we needed to get started. To get you where you want go. 

So that is why you can expect a mixture of the Blue and Red Teams when you call on Monday. They’re still the same amazing engineers. They’re just combining forces to serve you better and share knowledge with each other to permanently prevent as many issues as possible down the road.  

Other changes in our process such as visits from the Technical Account Manager will be shared as they are scheduled. It won’t be an overnight difference. It is heavily involved work requiring discussions, analysis, and creative problem-solving. But it is a process that has been proven to work. And we cannot wait to see your results from it. 

We also can’t wait to reveal our new logo to you as a signal of our evolution. You’ll see news on the website soon, but we’ll also be sending you a sneak preview in the coming weeks. As our partner, I thought you’d like to see it before everyone else.  


Now that that’s all out of the way, this update is much shorter. And you may remember hearing about it in the newsletter, so this is just a reminder.  

We are competing in the statewide food and fundraiser June 10-21. Everything contributed here stays here and will go to America’s Second Harvest. 

You can participate with us during the competition and help the 1 in 5 children in Georgia who are at risk of hunger. 
  • Donate through the secure link. Every one dollar you give equals nine dollars worth of groceries that Second Harvest can distribute. 
  • Drop off dry and canned foods at our office. 
  • Collect at your own office and have us come pick them up.  

This is a statewide competition that YOU can help us win for Coastal Georgia, and more importantly, to help win a battle in the war against hunger. 

Thank you for your loyalty and trust,

Strategy. Partnership. Results.
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