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You can help us win the statewide competition AND support an amazing cause.

All online donations in the Bytes for Bites contest go to America's Second Harvest for feeding hungry children and families right here in our community. 

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Every one dollar donated means nine dollars in groceries Second Harvest can distribute. And choosing to give today can help us earn an extra one thousand points to bring home the coveted TAG Cup. Contest ends Friday, June 21.

Do you have five dollars to make a real difference?
In this issue:
  • For your business: 4 Key Factors Missing from Your Business Continuity Plan
  • For you: Behind the Scenes with Marketing: Why Change Your Logo
  • For your information: Bytes for Bites with Baby Zora

Thank goodness for hurricane season.

It seems to be the only time of year some people think about their disaster recovery plans! Not you, of course.

But even the best can sometimes miss a few key ingredients. Make sure your plan includes this expert advice from our own Cassidy.
What's Missing from Your
Business Continuity Plan
Would your business be recognizable if someone only saw your logo?

Has your company changed since your logo was first designed?

If you've ever thought about changing your logo--or wondered why other companies do--take a look behind the scenes and find out.

Why Change Your Logo
This beautiful baby is not one of the 1 in 5 children in Georgia currently dealing with hunger or wondering where her next meal will come from. 
This is Daniel's baby, Zora. 

But there are still way too many others who need our help. Not in faraway lands, but right here in our community. 

And they are why we've accepted the Bytes for Bites challenge again. The statewide contest to raise money for America's Second Harvest ends this Friday, June 21st, and we would love to share this victory with you. 

Together we can take a "byte" out of hunger. 
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We can't help what you do at home, but we can give you guidance about document management at work and using automation to set up faster, easier workflows.  
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