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  • For your business: Considering the Cloud: 3 Benefits
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    and How Rock Band Radiohead Handles Getting Hacked
  • For your information: Meet our Anniversary Scholarship Winner, New Logo, and Career Opportunity
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Benefits of Cloud Computing

Weighing pros and cons can be maddening. For those looking for an alternative to on-premise, our own Thomas Martin keeps it simple and lays out 3 of the major benefits of using cloud services. 

We may not all have Shaq or Bezos money, but the beauty of a strategy is that it can be applied regardless of specific variables.

As the debate continues over whether or not to pay hackers' ransoms, musicians Radiohead recently faced the difficult decision. See how they handled it.

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Inside Infinity

Find out who won our two thousand dollar Anniversary Scholarship. Read about his plans for the future and watch his application video.


As mentioned in the Spring, we've used the occasion of our 20th anniversary to take stock. We looked back at where we started and forward to where we want to go. And we're ready to embrace the next stage in our evolution...with a new logo.


We currently have a career opportunity. If you know someone who wants to be part of a hard-working, fun-loving team, tell them to apply today.

Do You Know...

...anyone who could use our help? A doctor's office with slow computers, lawyers too busy to return calls, new business in the area...

A referral from you is the best compliment. And if it results in a meeting or agreement, you could receive up to five hundred dollars. Just for helping another business.  
Community & Partner Spotlight
A supply chain is defined as "the sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of a commodity." It might be easy to simply picture a row of trucks delivering goods, but the reality is much more involved and complicated. The professionals at Supply Chain Management have been handling it for decades, however, and they make it look easy. From warehousing and customs to trucking and logistics, this team offers maximum efficiency and minimal cost. They're also incredibly generous people. 

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💡 Tech Tip: Easily Sort Word

Think you always have to type lists in Excel to be able to sort them? Think again. Word can sort, even in some advanced ways. 

Assuming a basic list, 
1. Highlight the words to sort. 
2. Click the Sort button on the Home ribbon (an A over a Z with a down arrow next to them).
3. Choose the type of sorting you want, and click OK.

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