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2019 wrap up - resources from Infinity
In 2019, we had the honor and pleasure of celebrating 20 years in business.

Here's a quick recap of the year in numbers:

  • More than 50,700 tickets closed...
  • Our first 2,000 dollar scholarship awarded to a graduating high school senior...
  • Over 1,500 rounds of ammo fired during our annual shooting event...
  • More than 50 networking events and sponsorships...
  • 8 new team members...
  • 1 new logo...
  • and countless memories with you.

Thank you for letting us be part of your lives.

↓  And now for the most popular resources of 2019  ↓

See what helpful information you may have missed in blogs, videos, and downloadable guides.
Top Blogs
10 Most Popular Blogs 
(by visits and length of time spent reading)

5. Top Cybersecurity Scams - This one isn't a blog article. It's the page where we share the top 3 scams to look out for each month.

4. Resource Library - also not a blog. This page is where you can find downloadable guides and watch short videos.

And the most visited blog of the year is...
Top Videos
5 Most Popular Videos
(by views and length of time watched)

5. Cloud v. Premise Phone Systems 

4. Coastal Experts - How to Get the Most out of Your MSP

3. Coastal Experts - Cyber Security, part 1

2. A Look Inside Infinity

And the most watched video of the year is...
1. Infinity, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years with New Logo
Infinity top pdf guides
3 Most Popular Downloads

(Are we recognizing a theme here?)


And just for fun...

See some of the memories we made this year. From desserts, courtesy of the Bosses' Birthday Bakeoff, to events we held and those we attended elsewhere, enjoy this video montage of 2019.
Infinity year in review video
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
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