Targeted Phishing Attacks Strike High-Ranking Company Execs
An evolving phishing campaign has been found to target high-ranking company executives with the goal of obtaining sensitive information.
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Cloud Migration Services Made Easy: Strategic Considerations
Moving any business operation to the cloud requires addressing a range of issues including business strategy.
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I Love Reading 1980s Computer Magazines, and So Should You
It’s not just a nostalgia thing. Sifting through the past and excavating old technology often points the way to something new.
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Emotet: Malware Botnet Disrupted by Major Police Operation
Europol and FBI have taken control of the botnet infrastructure used by cyber criminals behind some of the most prolific malware and ransomware attacks.
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Top 8 Challenges IT Leaders Will Face in 2021
Facilitating the future of work and securing a hybrid working environment top the list of tough, pandemic-inflected issues IT leaders must navigate this year.
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