These States Are on Track to Pass Data Privacy Laws This Year
State legislators are getting more serious about data privacy, with bills being explored in at least 10 states.
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What is Cloud Computing?
Small and medium businesses (SMBs) that have made the switch find cloud computing to be a cost-effective way to access the same computing power as their larger rivals, effectively leveling the playing field for SMB's.
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Apple Tests New Way to Unlock an iPhone Without Removing a Face Mask
Apple is testing new iOS software that will allow people to unlock their iPhone's face recognition security tool, Face ID, if they also happen to be wearing an Apple Watch.
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Snap Says AR Is Driving Its Future 
AR may be the next major shift in computing. Here's a glimpse of Augmented Reality's near future. 
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7 Traits that Separate IT Leaders from IT Managers
Is your career still rooted in the past? Here's how you can break free and reach new levels of leadership and performance.
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