Researchers Discover 2-Dozen Malicious Chrome Extensions
Extensions are being used to serve up unwanted adds, steal data, and divert users to malicious sites.
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Digital Transformation with Cloud Printing
Having the ability to print from any of your network devices, on-demand capacity and low-cost storage are prompting organizations of all sizes to move to the cloud.
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Rise in Healthcare Data Breaches Driven by Ransomware
A new report from Tenable reviews 2020’s breaches and finds that this spike can be overwhelmingly attributed to ransomware attacks.
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Mastering Your Password Manager 
Are you getting the absolute most from your password manager? Consider these five helpful tips. 
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The ROI of
Being Prepared
Ransomware attacks are skyrocketing – in number, cost, and severity causing devastation of organizations that mistakenly believed they had the matter in hand.
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